Nancy Jacobs

Nancy Jacobs has been a respected presence in the advertising world for more than two decades. Her reputation stems from representing an array of high-end commercial studios, and nurturing the growth of some of the industry's best known production companies. As the industry evolved, Nancy expanded her scope to include the digital world, working with a number of digital production and graphics companies.

"It's all about making successful matches," Nancy explains. "Our job is to see where the chemistry will work, and then create relationships where everyone will benefit from the process. We bring together the great talent of the production world with the great talent at agencies in a complementary way that makes great creative come alive."

These mutually successful relationships and processes are facilitated in a way that's both natural and respectful, and never forced where they don't make sense. Through her detailed research and vast network of industry contacts, Nancy creates opportunities that are a source of pride -- and awards -- for all parties.  Click Here for Q&A with Nancy on VendorDB.