Nancy is efficient, personable, abundantly qualified, and has the ability to forge great connections. I recently worked with Nancy and ended up with amazing talent and a great production company; as a result out project could not have gone better. She's amazing.                                                          

In the short amount of time I have known and worked with Nancy, she has quickly become an integral part of the team at Process. I am very excited to see the fruit of this relationship, and think she has so much to offer whoever comes in contact with her.                                                              

Nancy is one of those unique people with an intuitive sense for what works, while also being able to connect you to top talent in the industry. And she's seriously one of the nicest most genuine people you'll meet.                 

                                                                                                  Nancy's enthusiasm, responsiveness, and expertise make her an absolute dream to work with. In the short amount of time that I have known Nancy I can already tell that she works extremely hard and genuinely cares about her clients. I'm very honored and excited to have this partnership!

Nancy is super-involved and very plugged into all aspects of production. She's a trusted resource and always great to work with.

                                                                                                  Nancy consistently cultivates new talent--and has a deep understanding of what the talent is looking to work on, and what the agency's creative team needs to execute their project flawlessly. Beyond that...she's a blast to talk to, and has actually brightened my day on more than one occasion.

                                                                                                     An opinion I trust, an enthusiasm that's contagious and a go to person for when I need some fresh thinking. Nancy simply has good taste and that goes a long, long way in how the "Master Matchmaker" makes it happen!                                                                                                                                               Nancy is one of the most genuine, kindest, and caring people in the industry. She has an unbelievable drive and passion for each one of the projects she is involved in. It was an absolute pleasure to host Nancy and Jay Karas in Boulder. We would do it a million times over!

Nancy is an amazing partner, representing an extremely talented group. Not only has she provided stellar client services while working together, she has also been a friend. Nancy is a wise one, I highly recommend getting to know her and working with her.

                                                                                                   Over the years, Nancy has introduced me to a variety of unique and innovative companies, which have done outstanding work for us. I love that she continues to find and build non-conventional talent.

                                                                                                    We worked with Nancy for many years. Energy, passion, understanding, knowledge, compassion, humour and fun she has in abundance. And then there's the hats. Chapeau!

                                                                                                  Don't let her flamboyantly decorative chapeaus fool you, Nancy is a bulldog. Tenacious, unrelentingly thoughtful and like her animal totem, man's best friend. She recognizes talent, understands the unique personalities of creatives and is a tremendous matchmaker.

Nancy represents me for commercial work, and she is by far the most attentive, intuitive, detail-oriented and tenacious agent I've encountered. I've enjoyed our collaboration tremendously.

                                                                                                    I've known Nancy for years, and have always been impressed by her ability to recognize talent and her impeccable taste when it comes to evaluating work. That she's a caring and passionate soul who's more interested in giving than taking is the proverbial icing on the cake.                                                                                                                                                           Nancy claims to be a sales rep, but she's secretly the global CEO of our industry. My entire career, I've known Nancy to be a tremendous resource and sounding board that literally and figuratively wears many hats.

                                                                                                    Passion, passion, PASSION!                                                           It just pours out of every part of Nancy. She's the ultimate professional and true advocate for her Clients. A sincere heart for the work is an added bonus.

                                                                                                  Nancy is a born storyteller. She is passionate about every project she takes on and works extremely hard to find the best creative solutions. Nancy's incredible care and attention she shows towards her clients and directors makes her truly special.

Nancy, what can I say? she's an industry icon. She's been doing what she does for a long time, and she does it well. I always enjoy working with her, and I trust her implicitly.

                                                                                                  Nancy's unparalleled industry knowledge has come to my rescue on multiple occasions. She understands how to apply the best tool for the job and never disappoints with a recommendation.

                                                                                                   Nancy is one of a kind. It's rare to find someone who genuinely cares about the right things in business and never loses sight of why she does what she does. A trusted business partner and friend.


Nancy is fantastic. She just gets it. Period.



Nancy is a master of the ad game. Her unbeatable network allows her to attract the best talent in the biz and pair you with the perfect partner.


                                                                                                   Nancy has a tremendous amount of passion for this business. She is always willing to help and share her knowledge. Plus she has the most amazing hats.

                                                                                                  Nancy is a passionate advocate for her clients and for the creative. Working with her is knowing you are in excellent, professional, hands.


                                                                                                Nancy's in a highly competitive business and always brings her 'A' game. She won't steer you wrong.


Nancy is a genuine and always available partner who cares deeply for the shops she represents. She has done a great job keeping me aware of changes to her lineup and exposed to her excellent content creation shops.

                                                                                                Nancy is an genuinely caring person who gets to know you and your team so she can truly understand your needs-- She forms real relationships that lead to better work. She has a way about her that feels like she's always helping you both professionally and personally.

If you want to speak to someone who really knows what they're talking about (unfortunately, a rarity these days), just talk to Nancy.


Nancy is a go to resource for me. A smart professional who is a great problem solver. Always a pleasure to do business with her.


It's always a pleasure to work with Nancy. She brings energy, enthusiasm, and great talent to every project. And she also has the most impressive collection of hats that I've ever seen.


nancy is wonderful. fun, enthusiastic and extremely professional. absolutely everyone knows her in the industry. i worked with her for many years and it was always enjoyable. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. nancy is fab.


Trustworthy and amazingly helpful I have found Nancy to be a delight to work with. Highly recommend!


I have gotten to know Nancy over the past few months through our work with Jay Karas. I found her trust in us, and her responsiveness and desire to be of service to us, to the director and to the agencies to be a rare combination. It nice to have a sherpa in a good hat!

                                                                                                         I always know that we're in good hands when we work with Nancy and her gang. "Problems" are not problems to her..she is experienced enough to know that .they are just a normal part of our day and she deals with them like a true professional. Love it when i have the opportunity to work with her!

Nancy is a true connector and problem-solver. She knows how to fit the pieces together so that the right problem is being solved for. On top of that, she has a heart of gold, always going the extra mile for the people she cares about, which as near as I can tell, is everyone!

                                                                                                       In uncertain times I like to turn to those that I trust and have proven themselves to have professional taste and integrity. 

                                                                                                  Nancy has been representing Thinkingbox for almost 2 years now. She has been the main reason for our success in NY and has help our company in many way. She is a match-maker of the highest degree, and has provided us with some of our most amazing client relationships.

Nancy and anyone she brings to the table will be committed and about as 'personalized' to your needs as you could hope for. All solutions and partners she brings are smart and nimble. She gets what she gets very well.

                                                                                                    We are so blessed to have Nancy on our team. She is so genuine, caring and honest and always of service to others. Nancy has helped us develop and grow so many amazing relationships and understands the collaboration and teamwork required to create truly meaningful films.

                                                                                                        Nancy is a great resource in this ever changing industry. She works tirelessly to connect you to the right people for your job. I trust her judgement and taste and would welcome working with her again. Oh, and she wears great hats.


When it comes to pairing her clients with the projects they're best suited for, Nancy is unstoppable.


Nancy is a total professional. Whenever I've worked with her and agencies she represents in the past, I know that I have someone I can call who takes total responsibility for budgets, schedules and client satisfaction. She works tirelessly to ensure that projects she's managing exceed expectations.


Nancy works tirelessly for her clients and truly believes in them. She also always wears really great hats.


Nancy has a unique ability to affiliate herself with innovative, interesting creative companies. Her enthusiasm for the people she represents is infectious. She's knowledgeable and tenacious.


Nancy is one of a kind, an incredible resource of new talent in the ever changing world of moving images. She is also a very special person, such fun to be with!

                                                                                                  Nancy's experience and knowledge of the business is unmatched. She has a nose of talent and the people on her roster are always highly curated. When she says she'd like me to meet someone or see their work, I know it will be worth my time. I've met and worked with some great people thanks to her.

Nancy is a true believer in all of her clients, and a fierce advocate on their behalf. Her passionate advocacy has directly led to many of her clients forming lasting relationships with BBDO.

                                                                                                Nancy is an amazing conduit to talent. She is also super smart, vastly experienced and great fun. If you are looking for a fresh voice to execute your next project, tap into Nancy's network.

                                                                                                         I have worked with Nancy for many years. She is a tireless resource and a great catalyst for bring the right people together!

                                                                                                    Nancy Jacobs is a match-maker of the highest degree, matching our company up with the best clients and agencies in the business. She and her associates are some of the most talented and hardest working professionals on the planet. As partners and as people, you will find no one finer!

                                                                                                Nancy has a rolodex of premium video and digital vendors that I tap into frequently. She makes finding the perfect partner for our client's work easy. Plus, she has an amazing collection of fabulous hats; can't go wrong with that.